Kangaroo grass as a grain alternative?

Kangaroo grass as a grain alternative?

Posted by QAAFI Communications

The Uniquely Australian Foods heard recently from Paul, who wrote to us enquiring about kangaroo grass.

Paul wondered if we were looking at kangaroo grass (Themeda triandra) as a grain alternative. He commented that he had heard of “some work done in growing & harvesting this grain in Victoria but there’s not a lot information out there”.

Deputy Director of Uniquely Australian Foods, Dr Heather Smyth, advised Paul that although she is aware of how widespread the grain is, the grass was not currently in scope of the Uniquely Australian Foods project.

“Paul was looking at the potential of kangaroo grass for the microbrewery industry, which is an interesting concept, given the boom in craft brewing,” Dr Smyth said.

“Unfortunately there is not much information on kangaroo grass – sadly there are so many valuable Australian native plants and crops that have been understudied and ignored over the years through misconceptions and ignorance about Aboriginal history and culture.  They were the first agriculturalists, understood sustainable land management, and they deserve to take pride of place in Australian agricultural history. So much yet to learn!”

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