QAAFI Science Seminar – Prof Daniel Cozzolino, 27 October

QAAFI Science Seminar – Prof Daniel Cozzolino, 27 October

Posted by Heather Smyth

The value add of sensing technologies to agro-food systems

By 2050, the global population is estimated to be in excess of 9 billion people. This will impose an increase stress on the current food production systems. Technological disruptions such as digital agriculture, food agility, big data, have been utilised to characterise changes in the way agro-food systems evolve and function. These disruptive technologies incorporate new approaches in how food production systems are analysed, measured and monitored. In addition, such approaches are creating new opportunities for interdisciplinary research. This seminar will highlight past, current and future advances in the implementation of sensing technologies in agro-food systems (e.g. food forensics and provenance, crop phenotyping, animal health and nutrition diagnostics).

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