Michel Beya is an Ambassador for the Red Meat Industry!

Michel Beya is an Ambassador for the Red Meat Industry!

Posted by Sophie Ader

A huge congratulations to Michel Beya, who was recently selected by the Meat and Livestock Australia’s Ambassadors for the Red Meat Industry Program.

The Red Meat Ambassadors program was developed in consultation with industry to create a network of industry champions who have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to engage with the community to ensure the wider Australian population outside of agriculture recognises the role that the Red Meat Industry plays in food production, trusts the industry to deliver high value, high quality products and feel good about eating red meat.

Participants will gain new skills to effectively communicate with consumers in red meat production, industry sustainability and best practice farming. As a result of participating in this program, Michele will:

  • Gain insights in how the red meat industry is viewed by the Australian community.
  • Understand how to put his values at the centre of communication to build trust and engage authentically on behalf of the industry.
  • Develop skills to communicate via media and social media to share his story as well as his industry expertise.
  • Understand how MLA engages on behalf of the red meat industry and be able to be part of these exclusive events and opportunities.
  • Develop his industry networks and meet like-minded colleagues in other parts of the supply chain.

Well done Michel – we look forward to the collaborations and learnings you can share with us all!


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