Burnett Mary Regional Group representatives visit the Uniquely Australian Food team

Burnett Mary Regional Group representatives visit the Uniquely Australian Food team

Posted by Sophie Ader

The Australian Research Councils’ Industrial transformational Training Centre for Uniquely Australian Foods (UAF Centre) welcomed representatives from Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural Resource Management (BMRG) in a meeting of aligned minds last Wednesday.

BMRG is the peak body for natural resource management (NRM) within the Burnett Mary region. Established in 2001, they are one of 56 national not-for-profit regional bodies providing links between community and various programs procured by Government and other funding sources. BMRG’s vision is to protect and enhance the agricultural and natural environment of the Burnett Mary region for future generations. This is achieved by directing investment into a wide range of community-based programs that deliver positive outcomes in the areas of ecological diversity, sustainable land management, water quality, cultural heritage values and coastal and marine management. Community collaboration and partnerships are paramount to achieving this vision. Continuing to foster strong relationships with a range of organisations including local, state and federal governments, land-care and catchment care groups, Indigenous organisations, agriculture and industrial sectors, universities and schools is key to this success.

Nicole Patterson and John Craig from BMRG with Professor Yasmina Sultanbawa, Hon Professor Henrietta Marrie AM (on screen), Sandra Olarte Mantilla and Maral Seididamyeh sharing ideas, freshly baked wattle seed and Kakadu plum rolls and native Australian teas.

Nicole Patterson and John Craig from BMRG offered their taste-buds up to some Kakadu plum and wattle seed breads with Kakadu plum spread offered by UAF Centre Director  Professor Yasmina Sultanbawa and Centre researchers and staff, Dr Anh Phan, Dr Maral Seidi Damyeh and Sophie Ader. The UAF Centre’s Indigenous Advisory Chairperson, Hon Professor Henrietta Marrie AM joined the group virtually (it’s a pity they haven’t invented technology to share food via the screen yet!).

Following presentations from each team about why, how and what they do, there was much discussion about possible collaborations which sparked both hearts and minds.

Dr Anh Phan explaining what we do with some of the cutting edge lab equipment in the new facilities to John and Nicole.

The BMRG then donned scientists coats for a tour of the laboratories and sensory kitchens, before joining the broader centre team for a pot-luck informal lunch, and to meet Centre Deputy Director, Associate Professor Heather Smyth.

The teams are looking forward to meeting again to advance dialogue on potential collaborative projects.

From left: Sophie Ader, John Craig, Nicole Patterson, Dr Anh Phan, Dr Maral Seididamyeh, Dr Sandra Olarte Mantilla.

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