Great successes for our Indigenous Research Partner Kiril Park Wild Harvest!

Great successes for our Indigenous Research Partner Kiril Park Wild Harvest!

Posted by Sophie Ader

We are so proud to promote the successes of our Indigenous Research Partner, Kirril Park Wild Harvest. Both the owner, Michelle On, and her eldest daughter Tahlia are intelligent, generous and strong women who are true ambassadors for agriculture and the Native bush foods industries, as evidenced by their recent achievements.

Kiril Park Wild Harvest

Firstly, Michelle has been named as Roogenics Northern Territory Native Bushfoods Ambassador! Congratulations Michelle!

Michelle’s daughter Tahlia, currently in year 11 at school, gave an inspiring speech in the Young Rural Achievers speech competition. Tahlia didn’t win the competition, but that doesn’t matter, as the real achievements were in her speech and its delivery.  Tahlia is normally a little nervous of public speaking (as most of us are), but she overcame this to stand proud and tall and deliver some inspiring and wise words to the crowd in her talk.

Year 11 student Tahlia On, at the Young Rural Achievers speech competition.

Tahlia spoke about her own, and her family’s history and connection to the land and agriculture and spoke about all the career opportunities available to other young people. She also highlighted the important role that science plays in the industry, having been engaged and excited by the Uniquely Australian Foods visit a little while ago, where an ‘on-country’ science kit was demonstrated by Dr Anh Phan.

Amongst Tahlia’s words of wisdom to other youth were that they should consider starting their career in this industry in the Northern Territory because it can lead to so many different pathways of opportunities. It’s not just about hands-on work farming. It could be connected to the industry as a food scientist, doing beef or fruit testing for example, as science plays an important role in the industry”. 

At UAF, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such a strong partnership and relationship with Kiril Park Wild Harvest, and are so happy for their self-driven, self-made growth and successes.


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