TropAG success for our Indigenous research partners!

TropAG success for our Indigenous research partners!

Posted by Clare Wijngaarden

The Indigenous research partners of the UAF Centre had a hugely successful few days at Tropical Agriculture (TropAg) this November!

This year was the first time we have had such a big representation of Indigenous presenters and attendees at TropAg, and wonderful things came of it.

The Centre’s Indigenous Advisory Group Chairperson, Hon Professor Henrietta Marrie AM,  opened day two of the 3 day conference with an inspiring and thought provoking plenary speech, highlighting many significant issues – of which most attendees were unaware of – faced by Indigenous people in the native botanicals industry.

Doug and Tracey from Native Oz Bushfoods stayed with students at the UAF booth, selling their native ingredient products and making new connections. “Its been a great opportunity to make good contacts and the right networks.” Tracey said.










In a stream entirely dedicated to ancient foods, chaired by Hon Professor Henrietta, Madonna Thomson from Nyanda Cultural Tours was the first speaker and wowed the audience with education and information about cultural heritage around Brisbane and the evidence these artefacts provide for the Aboriginal ways of land management, spirituality and rituals, and the culinary, medicinal and other uses of plants.



Michelle On from Kiril Park Wild Harvest followed Madonna to give an amazing and grounded speech, highlighting her ancient connection to bushfoods, and how this connection remains in her modern day business. She spoke about how important this business is for her and her family, and showed the audience the practical side to harvesting and processing.




Another highlight for our indigenous partners was meeting with Hon Minister for Agricultural Industry and Development and Fisheries and Minister for Rural Communities –  Mark Furner, and the Director General of Agriculture and Fisheries –  Mr Bob Gee, who invited the group to meet with them and discuss some potential solutions to critical issues facing Indigenous enterprises in the native botanicals industry.  Keep watching this space for outcomes of that discussion!

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