Yarrabah Cooperative Society

  • Yarrabah Cooperative Society

    The Yarrabah Cooperative Society (YSC) membership is made up of Traditional Owners from Yarrabah and surrounding areas. Yarrabah was one of the original places where Indigenous tourism engaged visitors and tourists alike in cultural education through storytelling, song, dance, displaying of artefacts, arts and usage of weaponry and other tools. The venture also catered food and beverages for visitors. Yarrabah is a hunting and gathering community, with Yarrabah’s geography being coastal, with deep valleys between the mountainous ranges offers great diversity of native produce, “Mayi” bush tucker; Minya bush meat AND “Guyu” fish. Yarrabah’s food diversity comprises of products from its mountainous ranges, foothills, creeks, swamplands, rain forested and coastal areas including coastal islands and reef. Many Yarrabah residents have deep knowledge in the preparation of bush foods.