Establishing a Value Proposition for the Bunya Nut

Title: Advanced Processing Routes for Enhancing the Value Chain of Australian Native Nuts


This project focuses on compositional and nutritional quality of native Australian Bunya Nuts. The target is to assess processing techniques and stability during storage in terms of nutrition and composition so that suitable commercially viable products and market opportunities can be developed.

Progress so far

Outcomes have included completion of the compositional analysis, characterisation of sensory attributes of the nuts in different forms, and characterisation of the bunya nut flour prepared using different processing techniques. The storage stability is being assessed.


15th Annual NZOZ Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium, presentations at UQ workshops (Chemical Engineering, QAAFI, DAF), organised visits to elementary schools to talk about native foods from Australia, responsible for the centre twitter page.

Next goals

Study of the effects of fermentation on the composition quality, changes in texture caused by processing and storage.

Industry Partner/s

Kindred Spirits and ANFAB are the industry partners, whose input is expected to increase as the research evolves and generates new insights on Bunya nuts towards uncovering the value chain.

For more information contact: Jason Stokes.