We Save Landraces – We Use Landraces

  • We Save Landraces – We Use Landraces

    • Dr Kamalesh Adhikari
    • Azevedo, Vania, Bebeli, Penelope J., Chatzigeorgiou, Alexandra, Gálvez, Amanda, Guarino, Luigi, Kotey, Daniel Ashie, Paczka, Rafael Ortega, Ranieri, Roberto, Spyrou, Sofia, Thanopoulos, Ricos and Valamoti, Soultana Maria

    Being concerned about the continuous neglect of landraces by modern and industrial agricultural, seed and intellectual property laws and policies, during the Sixth Scientific Meeting of Landraces and Indigenous Varieties the Thessaloniki Declaration was adopted. As a global call to conserve and sustainably use landraces and to protect the interests of custodian farmers, peasants, indigenous communities and people all over the world, this Declaration represents the views, concerns and voices of the participants of the meeting and various like-minded individuals and institutions, including peasants’ organizations, farmers’ associations, indigenous peoples’ organizations, scientists, academics, developmental practitioners, and governmental and non-governmental organizations from regions all over the world.

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