Dr Barbara Williams

Dr. Barbara Williams is a Senior Research Fellow within the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences. Her research focuses on fermentation occurring in the monogastric gastro-intestinal tract, with particular emphasis on how this can be related to both gut, and overall health. These studies incorporates elements of microbiology, food chemistry, and physiology, meaning constantly working within a strong team environment. Some of this work takes place using pigs as a model for humans, as their digestive tract most closely resembles our own. However, the use of in vitro techniques are also helpful to focus on very specific food ingredients, particularly carbohydrates. The in vitro batch fermentation technique uses gas production to follow the kinetics of fermentation, but also examines various end-products such as short-chain fatty acids and ammonia, both biomarkers of carbohydrate and protein fermentation respectively. Results from this work, leads to important information which helps to clarify mechanisms by which various foods lead to healthy outcomes.

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