ARC Training Centre

The ARC Training Centre for Uniquely Australian Foods works in a collaborative partnership with Indigenous Enterprise and Advisory groups. Together, we aim to transform the Native Food and Agribusiness Sector through the development of selected crops, foods and ingredients. Adhering to best practice protocols which protect the rights, aspirations and interests of our Indigenous project participants, we are supporting them in converting Traditional Knowledge into branded products.

This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council’s Industrial Transformation Training Centre funding scheme (project IC180100045), the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and the University of Queensland.

Native foods represent a major opportunity for premium Australian products in both domestic and export markets, capitalising on consumer interest in the provenance and traditional heritage characteristics of foods.

Expected outcomes include technical information to support branding and market development, best practice development in social factors and legal arrangements for benefit sharing, and a cohort of trained and industry-ready researchers who can lead the native foods industry forward. This should provide significant benefits in driving sustainable growth of the premium Australian food sector with high value products which can never be imitated due to their unique origins and properties.

  • Our Objectives

    Our Objectives The ARC Training Centre for Uniquely Australian Foods works in a collaborative partnership with Indigenous Enterprise and Advisory Groups. Broadly, in collaboration with our Industry and Indigenous project partners,  we aim to transform..

  • Our values, policies and procedures

    Our values, policies and procedures We approach all our work adhering to a set of core values, policies and procedures. Our values Our team is comprised of individuals from a wonderful range of diverse backgrounds..

  • Our Governance Structure

    Our governance structure Our governing structure and processes are listed below.

  • Who We Are

    Who we are The University of Queensland led Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Training Centre (ITTC) for Uniquely Australian Foods (IC180100045) aims to transform the native Food and Agribusiness Sector through development of selected..

  • Our Indigenous Groups

    Our Indigenous Groups It is a core operating principle of the Training Centre that our research on Indigenous plant foods must involve, wherever possible, meaningful engagement with, and leadership from, Indigenous people. As such, we..

  • Our Industry Partners

    The outcomes of the Training Centre will include the testing of market opportunities, the development of appropriate social and business models, and the identification of future opportunities for Uniquely Australian Foods. Economic and quality of..

  • Our Transdisciplinary Approach

    We embrace a Transdisciplinary approach. In all our work, we transcend disciplinary boundaries to achieve new ways of collaborating, creating, operating and understanding things together. This leads us to reach deeper, more interconnected levels of..