Work With Us

Keen to get involved?

Companies and businesses can collaborate with us to utilise our expertise, technical capacity and newly-built, state-of-the-art research facilities in native botanicals fields. We have a number of streamlined testing methods for evaluating the safety, nutritional value and sensory profile of native plant materials, novel food products and related processes.

Our team also has extensive experience working in First Nations communities, with food businesses, and an in-depth knowledge of the processes required related to sample collection permits and ensuring ethical standards are adhered to.  We also have many contacts and industry partners already working with us who may be interested in working in partnership with your business.

There is a number of pathways through which new companies can participate in our research.

These might include the following:

  • An in-kind contribution.  This is where a company donates sample, product, processing facilities, knowledge, technology (etc.) for use in existing projects in exchange for technical data on their product, training, knowledge, involvement in a workshop or showcase, or even IP.
  • Funding a new student project.  This could be an honours, masters, PhD or even a summer school (6-week) student project to test a new idea or concept or do a literature review on a topic of interest for your business.
  • Directly funding of a new associated research project with UQ.  Contact us to find out what leveraged funding avenues your company might have access to.

For small projects we have contract templates ready to go so the process is simplified.