Our values, policies and procedures

Our values, policies and procedures

We approach all our work adhering to a set of core values, policies and procedures.

Our values

Our team is comprised of individuals from a wonderful range of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, and together we share the same core values. These values are fundamentally based on respect, integrity and strong relationships. These values drive our decisions, and guide our policies, procedures, behaviours and actions.

Access our Values statement by clicking here


Our Policies

Our policies articulate the ARC standards of behaviours required by all ARC staff, researchers and students in, and associated with the ARC Training Centre, particularly relating to conducting research with Indigenous enterprise partners and communities.

You can access these policies by clicking in the links below.

Policy on Reconciliation

Policy on research publications

Policy on access and use of Indigenous knowledge

Policy on research with native plant materials obtained from Indigenous partners and communities

Policy on data collection

Model contractual clauses for the collection of native plant materials from Indigenous land


Our procedures

Our procedures are the practical guide/s as to how we enact our values and policies. Our procedure relating to working with Indigenous partners and communities can be accessed by clicking here