Our Values

We would like to work in the following ways:

  • With reciprocal respect and trust, we partner with people, groups, organisations, enterprises and big businesses on shared aspirations.
  • We respect the knowledge, skills, abilities and resources of all our collaborators and partners, and work together using a strengths-based approach.
  • We respect, celebrate and value diversity in all its forms – including (but not limited to) language, gender, culture, knowledge, background, thought and expertise.
  • With humility, we learn about, understand and respect First Nations Australians’ cultures, which place significant importance on the relationships between people, communities and Country (including all plants, animals and insects, land, water, air, spirits and other entities)
  • We uphold the rights of First Nations peoples relating to their self-identified aspirations, access and benefits sharing, Intellectual Property, data ownership and management, and confidentiality in everything we do.
  • We work in a collaborative way, taking time to both listen and share, ensuring everyone is fully informed and able to participate in meaningful dialogue and decision-making processes.
  • We create the conditions for two-way learning processes to occur, in which everyone develops new understandings, skills, abilities and knowledge, under protocols which protect everyone’s rights, and which govern the exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • We share the research journey, co-designing for mutually desired outcomes, and celebrate our progress and achievements together.
  • We solve issues and challenges in partnership, in an open, honest and respectful way.
  • We take responsibility, being proactive and accountable, and acting with integrity at all times.