Food & Products

The species selected for inclusion in this project include native plant foods or ingredients where there is already evidence for consumer value such as Kakadu plum, wattle seed, bush tomato, salt bush, Burdekin plum, native algae and seaweed, and honey from native flora.

Those native plants that have not previously been widely used in the agri-food supply chain include Gulbarn, Jilungin, green plum, pindan walnut and bunya nut.

The knowledge and traditions of Indigenous communities will be explored to evaluate opportunities for the development of viable and culturally appropriate industries to service premium food markets. Important characteristics of sensory and nutritional properties and any toxicological issues will be defined, in tandem with consumer and sensory trials that will identify market positioning opportunities and value propositions.

For each of these systems, a road-map to business success will be developed to define the research and development program. This road-mapping approach will also identify the technical and implementation barriers that need to be overcome for enterprise development, and will drive subsequent R&D activity in sensory, nutritional and safety studies, as well as consumer trials and information needed to facilitate market access (e.g. Generally Recognised As Safe [GRAS] status).

  • Native botanicals

    Many native botanicals have food or medicinal value. Oils and extracts from native botanicals can be used in formulations for fragrances or cosmetics while others have antimicrobial or antifungal value and can be used safely...

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  • Native fruits

    From Kakadu plum, Davidson plum and riberry to lemon aspen and finger limes, Australian native fruits are as diverse as they are flavoursome. Some fruits are consumed as whole fruit when ripe, however, their potent...

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  • Native herbs & spices

    Lemon myrtle is one of the most widely recognised and versatile native herb with a beautiful lemon fresh fragrance and is used in tea infusions, food, cosmetics and home cleaning products. Like lemon myrtle, many...

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  • Native nuts

    Macadamia is the iconic Australian nut with its creamy texture and buttery flavour, however, there are numerous native nuts grown around Australia which are just waiting to be discovered by the mainstream market. Typically, processing...

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  • Native seaweeds

    Australia boast some of the most diverse, flavoursome and nutritious edible seaweed s and algae. With our partner from Venus Shell Systems we will look to explore the sensory diversity of these algae’s and provide...

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  • Native seeds

    Native seeds have been a staple of the Indigenous diet for many thousands of years. Often roasted, ground to a flour and used to make biscuits or mixed with other ingredients, native seeds provided a...

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