Our Work

Native foods represent a major opportunity for premium Australian products in both domestic and export markets, capitalising on consumer interest in the provenance and traditional heritage characteristics of foods.

The outcomes of the Training Centre will include the testing of market opportunities; the development of appropriate social and business models which are aligned with the aspirations of First Nations enterprises to work on, and care for, Country in culturally aligned ways; and the identification of future opportunities for Uniquely Australian Foods.

Opportunities for sustainable economic, cultural, health and social benefits will be created with First Nations enterprises and communities through research and development on native foods, plants and ingredients, including the development of best practice research protocols and sustainable business models.

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  • Research Projects

    Our research themes To achieve our objectives, we have 5 distinct themes which guide our research activities. Projects may not necessarily sit neatly in one of these themes. Rather, these themes are be present in..

  • Food & Products

    The species selected for inclusion in this project include native plant foods or ingredients where there is already evidence for consumer value such as Kakadu plum, wattle seed, bush tomato, salt bush, Burdekin plum, native..

  • Other Projects

    We and some of our Indigenous Enterprise Groups are deeply involved in a range of other related projects. Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia: Annual report 2021 The ARC Training Centre has been involved..