The Australian plants that could become our daily fare

The Australian plants that could become our daily fare

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It’s a factor of Australia’s history that, unlike most countries, virtually everything we eat originally came from somewhere else. From proteins such as beef, pork, chicken and – especially on Australia Day – lamb, to plants ranging from wheat, potatoes and apples to Jerusalem artichokes, almost all the plants we cultivate for food came from other continents and have been introduced as staples in successive waves of colonisation by immigrants from all over the world.

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  1. Augustine(Gus)Lee says:

    Pink Noni fruit :‘The Australian plants that could become our daily fare ’
    Most if not all of Australia’s edible fruit & potential vegetable is already known, particularily bush & traditional foods. The main problem with most of them is that they are seasonal,take a long time to bear fruit, low yield & usually not tasty.
    PinkNoni (PBR-Australia) is a new noni variety achieved through selection. Noni is used as bush medicine(Nutraceutical) & food by a number of Torres Strait Islanders, Aboriginal & Other Pacific Indigenous People.
    I did not think about PinkNoni as a food till years later when I made many unrecorded successful taste tests.
    Unlike Noni, Pink Noni is a much larger fruit with much less seeds thus giving more flesh,also when ripe it has a firmer texture & can have shape not become a mush.
    In 2014 I had a goal to make Pink Noni a “daily fare” . I made a YouTube Video that I made private for a long while titled:
    Title: Noni Pinknoni As A Future Healthy Food Source (Length: 2mins 12secs) Sept2014
    Youtube video :

    Pink Noni The Possible Daily Fruit & Food
    Average Commercial Noni weighs 150-250g and has a lot of seeds. Pink Noni Average weight should be 450-650g and has much less seeds.Larger fruit & less seeds gives more seedless flesh.
    When the fruit is green the flesh is white. When maturing the fruit turns pink. When ripen the fruit is translucent pink . Pink noni has 3distinct taste & up to 5texture. The green &mature fruit has no smell, has a crunchy texture. The mature noni tasted bland with a softish leathery texture.
    Pink Noni fruit taste (1) Mature-varies from cucumber,pear, young coconut flesh, etc. (2)Green- has a bitter taste (bitter melon or Momordica charantia,or bitter gourd) (3) Ripe- noni smell &taste which usually is milder with a bite.
    Noni fruit taste(1) Green- Bland (2) Ripe- own distinct unpleasant taste & smell,most people find unpalatable. Unfortunately this experience makes most people think Pink Noni taste the same unpalatable.
    Extending the self life of the pink noni fruit as a food has obvious benefits. By making a delicious relish(popular but took time to make) & pickle etc.
    The mature pink noni makes a nice salad & fruit salad. I eat it with wheatbix, sometimes with sultanas or other fruits with milk for breakfast.
    Pink Noni fruit can be used in a soup, appetizer, main meal, dessert.
    If Pink Noni can be recognized as a food & a delicious food it can help feed the world population & provide food security. Noni tree is salt tolerant & used against erosion,it can fruit all year depending on location.
    Pink Noni Juice
    Why does pure pink noni juice not go racid, like orange,apple, lemon juice? Have not seen this question asked before probably because pure noni juice has never & could not be produced before. The answer could naturally help extend the self life of other fruit juices. I have made fresh pure pink noni juice and let it stand at room temperature in the bottle,it fermented & have not gone bad. Fermented pink noni juice I have never refrigerated after opening & it has never gone bad. I have drunk fermented pink noni juice that is over 10yrs old regularly.
    I have asked “Noni Experts”whether fresh pink noni juice vs aged or fermented noni juice is better. I now know this cannot be compared as these are completely different products. Fermented noni juice recommended dosage is 30-60ml/day. Fresh pressed pink noni juice consumption should be treated like other fruit juices.
    Innovation 1. (a) Produce a fresh pure non fermented noni juice (b) produce a standard quality pure fermented noni juice by adding a preferred fermentation starter. Both (not available anywhere in the world).
    I made only 1commercial batch of pink noni juice using the store in barrel fermentation method. I believe the fresh press & fresh press fermented pure pink noni juice would be more palatable to consumers with even less smell &taste problems.
    When I first placed pink noni in 60kg containers I had airlock placed on them as suggested by the “experts”. I later removed all the airlocks as Pink Noni does not have ‘noni pulp or fine noni pieces’ that causes formation that could expand or cause to explode the container ie. ginger beer.

    Pink Noni Food For Possible Commercial Protein Production
    Ripen pink noni fruit soup. After about 6weeks found worms in the 40litre container.There were apparently soldier fly larvae & can be used to feed chicken,fish, pigs. Maybe can farm worms suitable human consumption.
    Noni Leafs.
    The noni leaves can also be eaten. Used to wrap chicken or as a salad. It taste only okay.

    Other Uses Of Noni Plant
    Roots used to made yellow & red colour dyes for tapa cloth

    PBR(Plants Breeders Right).
    Without a PBR any Australia Bush Food that becomes popular & commercially viable could lose a lot of the share of its monetary worth if a large multi-national decide to venture into it. A worldwide PBR would be preferred.
    I have a real looking compound pink noni unnamed variety fruit result from seed variation. A commercial evaluation of this new noni variety should be done & a worldwide PBR patent can be applied if justified.
    Title :Noni – Morinda Citrifolia-‘Allright’ or Pinknoni With Unnamed Variety (Length:1min 19secs.)
    Youtube video :

    My goal is to create a Seedless Pinknoni & apply for a Worldwide PBR. I have come across a number of times seedless Pink Noni fruits.
    Job & Indigenous &Community Job Creation & First New Fruit Industry That Australia can be world leader in!
    Healthy food can be used by individual growers for own consumption & sold to generate income.The government has subsidized fruit & vegetable costs in remote communities.This is not sustainable.
    Years ago when I went to a workshop one of the ‘expert’ said to me that I was starting something new and the failure rate for new ventures was very high 95-99%,I should forget this. Nothing new will ever eventuate with this view!

    Pink Noni information( I am sole source Pink Noni Information much still in my head)
    Youtube: Youtube Pink Noni
    Twitter : Pinknoni@AllrightNoni
    Linkedin: Augustine Lee MD at Aurait Supreme Pty Ltd (Pinknoni)

    Noni Information:

    Noni Chemical Anaylsis:
    If you read all the noni testimonials one would think that noni juice cured almost all ailments known to man. I would rather put up some of the Useful Chemical Constituents of Noni instead to maybe help explain the testimonials. Some of these Chemical Constituents can be found at:

    Noni Publications:

    1.The Potential for a New Value Adding Industry for Noni Tropical Fruit Producers
    Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) report on Noni

    2.BUSH TUCKER. Cheese Fruit (Morinda citrifolia) Greg Calvert … Cheese Fruit is an attractive shade tree with large glossy leaves and is well suited to the …

    3. Noni Website :Dec 7, 2006 – An educational website about noni (Morinda citrifolia) provided by the University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Tropical Agriculture and …

    Possible Future Research into Pink Noni:
    1.Gut Bacteria
    As a fermented juice what role has it in the Gut & Health? Probiotic food?
    May assist the immune system?
    2. Saponins
    I believe Pink Noni contains Saponins(assist immune system). I sprayed with water ripen pink noni fruits and foam formed & stayed rigid for more than 40mins.
    Using a juicer I get about 10%juice 90%foam and the foam can stay for more than a day. I was told it could be pectin.

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