Student success in the 2022 QAAFI 3MT competition!

Student success in the 2022 QAAFI 3MT competition!

Posted by Clare Wijngaarden

On Monday 6th June 2022, QAAFI held their annual Institute level 3MT* competition – live and in-person for the first time since 2019.

It was a fierce and impressive showcase of some of the wonderful research being carried out across the QAAFI research centres.

Sera Susan Jacob, of the Uniquely Australian Foods training centre, spoke simply, eloquently, and emphatically about her research project with a presentation entitled “Wattle the future look like? The power of food heritage”


Out of the 8 speakers, Sera received the title of both Overall Runner-up AND People’s Choice.

We wish Sera and all the QAAFI speakers a massive congratulations and well-done for their efforts in preparing and delivering their 3MT presentations.

*The 3MT or Three Minute Thesis is an annual event open to all PhD students whereby they are challenged to most effectively explain their research within a strictly three-minute oral presentation format, aided by a single, un-animated PowerPoint slide, and using language and storytelling techniques appropriate to a non-specialist audience.

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