Exploring Agriculture and Science at Warwick: A Day of Learning and Connection

Exploring Agriculture and Science at Warwick: A Day of Learning and Connection

Posted by Jess Cartwright

PhD scholars Sherie Bruce and Jessica Cartwright embarked on a journey to the DAF Hermitage Research Facility at Warwick, representing Uniquely Australian Foods at the School Plant Science Competition Awards Day and Ag Science Expo. This trip left us with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and connection to our chosen fields – nutrition, food science and agriculture. Let’s dive into the highlights of this incredible day!

1. Promoting Uniquely Australian Foods at “Scienceshow Alley”

We set up camp at “Scienceshow Alley”, where we spent the day raising awareness of the training centre and the research that happens here, answering questions from children about university, research and PhD’s, and offering samples of a low sugar fizzy drink with native ingredients the centre has co-created with our Indigenous partners. Engaging with the younger generation, we aimed to ignite their curiosity about

the fields of agriculture and science. Answering their insightful questions provided a chance to share our experiences, hopefully inspiring some of them to consider a future in these fields.


2. Nurturing Indigenous Wisdom: Yarning Circle with a Nutritional Twist

One of the most enriching experiences of the day was the yarning circle we had the privilege to participate in. We gathered with a small group of Indigenous children attending this expo, who were all eager to share their thoughts and insights about bush foods, nutrition, and health. As a part of this circle, we taste tested a low-sugar fizzy drink with native ingredients, which is what Jessica Cartwright is working on as part of her PhD project. Hearing their feedback was an extremely rewarding exercise. We also discussed their visions for the implementation of these types of products into Indigenous communities and the wider population. Engaging in open conversations with these young minds reminded us how imaginative and creative kids can be, urging us to reflect and learn from their out-of-the box ideas!

3. Costa Georgiadis’ Captivating Presentation

Costa Georgiadis, a well-known figure in the realm of agriculture and sustainability, graced the event with his presence and a thought-provoking presentation. His insights into the importance of sustainable farming practices and biodiversity, coupled with his infectious passion for connecting people with nature was truly inspiring. We were even lucky enough to have a brief chat and get a photo with him!

4. Exploring the Wonders of Agriculture: Drones, Honey, Dogs, and Farm Animals

The expo was a treasure trove of diverse interactive displays and presentations for the kids, showcasing the multifaceted world of agriculture and science. From captivating discussions about drone technology’s impact on farming efficiency to delving into the intricate world of honey production, every presentation opened new horizons of knowledge. The highlight for many was the presentation featuring a skilled dog and its role in modern agricultural practices. Additionally, the opportunity to interact with farm animals brought a touch of rustic charm to the event, connecting us with the very essence of the agricultural world.

5. Unexpected Discoveries: Touring the Hermitage Campus

As the expo started to wind up, the day was further enriched by an impromptu tour of the Hermitage campus and its facilities. This unexpected tour offered a glimpse into the heart of agricultural research and education, we got to see the laboratories, greenhouses, cold rooms, the list goes on! Walking through these spaces, it was impossible not to feel the pulse of innovation and discovery that drives the research conducted here.

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