Yasmina Sultanbawa – Science is my community

Yasmina Sultanbawa – Science is my community

Posted by Christopher Peter Sauer

Dr. Sultanbawa grew up in Sri Lanka in a family of seven. Her father, a doctor, committed to helping communities and looking after people in need. Her mother, a dedicated housewife, pushed her children to focus on their dreams and chase their aspirations.

“In my house, it did not matter whether you were a boy or girl, my family’s mantra was always to become educated, independent and to do what you loved. I grew up surrounded by a plethora of religions and cultures. Today, I am fortunate enough to speak three languages and have travelled all around the world,” says Dr. Sultanbawa.

“Empowering women – and people in general – to be the best they can, to become multi-disciplinary and well-rounded is the ultimate goal. That is all I ask of my students and the next generation coming into the world of academia. Publications are great and they add a lot of value to your academic contribution, however, helping one another and empowering each other while building healthier communities is the biggest purpose of my career.”

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